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Are you feeling depressed, do this to find out why and boost your mental state.

Don't let depression keep you in an unpleasant state. Make all the difference in two steps.

Feeling depressed? Knowing the reason why is the first step in winning the fight against depression. You can find out the reason why you are depressed in only two simple steps.

Step 1. When you are feeling down, become aware of what you are thinking about at that very moment. Are you thinking about what happened to you in the past? Are you thinking about what is happening currently? Are you thinking about what will happen in the future?

Step 2. Knowing the thought type. A or B?

A: Are you thinking about something that is totally out of your hands, but yet makes you concerned? For instance, how COVID-19 has made our lives very difficult and more challenging.

B: Are you thinking about something you have control over if you choose to?

Once you go through steps one and two, you will know the reason why you are depressed. Depression stems from the feeling of powerlessness. How much power you have over what worries you directly affects your mental state.

If you focus on something you cannot control, your powerless to change it. That type of negative focus is what fuels your depression. Dwelling on something you cannot change or have no control over simply drains your energy. Knowing why you are depressed gives you the power to shift your dis-empowering thought to a productive and positive mental state if you choose too.

If your looking for immediate, effective and healthy ways to fight depression and alter your mental state our coaches are always here to help.

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