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4 Ways To Maximize Your Life Performance And Reduce Stress On The Daily Grind.

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Stress is one of the greatest elements keeping individuals away from making transformational achievements in both their own and expert lives. On the off chance that you don't know how to deal with stress, it could turn into the factor that will at 1st prevent you from performing at your desired productive level. Hindering all associations, daily task, and business. A hard truth that - if left unchecked will have fatal consequences for you.

The issue is a major, known and common especially in the business world. The requests, commitments and desires business people face to constantly convey outstanding outcomes, appears to be infinite. Also, when you consolidate the majority of the distinctive individual commitments you confront, your health will perceive the reason why stress is the silent assassin.

Surely, there is a bevy of techniques that exceptional highly productive individuals use to manage stress and not let it outdo them. In any case, As a life coach I felt I have a responsibility to at least share four specific techniques I use every day. All have significantly helped me to diminish the measure of worry in my own life and others.

Keep in mind that, at first, they may appear to be straight forward and outright obvious but none of the aforementioned make them the mass accepted standard.

1. No Is An Answer Too, A Healthy One.

As a driven and exceptionally energetic individual, I have come to the realization that one of the hardest things to learn throughout the years has been to state "NO" more regularly. When you are hoping to elevate your life and business to the next level saying "yes" and consenting to each and every open door that presents itself is second nature.

The Technique: On any given day have a list of your 3 main priorities that will have the most impact on your business or life each day. When a choice needs to be made or there is a new opportunity, I always reference that list. Doing so will give me a clear distinction on what my decision should be and manage time consumption.

2. Boost Endorphin Production Routinely.

The Technique: There is no better way to jump-start your day than with a fast workout. Ideally 2 workouts a day. The goal is to bring up the endorphin levels during each day. Doing so will positively increase your energy and even work efficiency. The best method for this would be cardio. If not 2 workouts certainly 1 before the end of the business day.

3. Don't Consume Just Any Food That Is Convenient For You.

Snacks are not evil, but if you don't consciously eat food that is properly nutritious you will rob yourself of elevated performance and your daily productivity will certainly be negatively affected.

The Technique: Tailor your efforts to your needs. 1 such way I implemented was to have my blood tested to see what my direct deficiencies were. From that point, I contacted a nutritionist to instruct me on the best foods to eat and maximize performance based on my test results and particular needs.

4. Become Better By Helping Others Reach Their Goals.

The Technique: 1 of the best feelings is knowing you have made someone's day a bit better. Try sending a simple email to someone or even several people you are grateful for. Just quick line to say thanks for whatever they may have done recently that made your life easier. This truly reduces stress and increases morale among your colleagues, family, and network.

The Result: Within a few weeks of changing my diet, reducing clutter and stressors I felt like a more effective version of myself. Happier and healthier. Abundance and success mean nothing if your health is not as it should be. Make sure it stays a priority using the 4 techniques I have explained.

Don't let the daily grind of life overwhelm you. Become your best self without letting negative side effects or stress keep you from living life at the peak state. For more techniques and benefits about Life Maximized, sign up for my FREE Awaken Your Best Self life coach session.

Miyako Life Coach

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