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You are passionate about something, but don’t feel like doing anything, want to know why?

Have you ever wondered and asked yourself why you don’t feel like working on what your passion is? The answer is quite simple because your brain is hardwired to choose pleasurable things rather than painful and difficult ones.

If your choice is to sit in front of the TV with your favorite ice cream VS preparing your public speaking skills for the TED talk you are dreaming to be part of, your brain tends to choose what it perceives to be more pleasurable at the time. Relying on your brain’s autopilot can result in time slipping away from working on what matters to you the most, your passion.

What can you do to take back control and start to navigate your life?

Simple formula and daily steps to do this.

1 After waking up, do something that empowers you. Dancing to music, exercising, just going outside to breathe in the fresh air, and look up at the sky.

2 After you are empowered, ask yourself this question.

What is the one thing I can do for my passion today so that I can be proud of myself when I go to bed at night?

3. Take action to implement the one thing you came up with. Upon doing this, you are taking a small step forward.

4. Take credit in feeling proud, and pat yourself on the back with a big smile when you go to sleep at night.

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