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Contribution - Are you passionate about your job?

What makes the difference between people who are passionate about their job vs people who have no drive towards their job.

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, while most of us are doing our part by staying at home, we see many heroes on TV. Medical workers who are on the front line in the fight against COVID-19. They are putting their lives at risk to save others daily. There are even those who travel across the country to help the most hard-hit state in the country, NY. Many of them are leaving their loved ones behind to make a difference and save others.

What’s motivating them to the point where they sacrifice themselves and their loved ones to save others. What is making them so different from those who have no passion for what they do? As cliche as it may sound, the single force that makes all the difference is a true sense of serving others and helping those in need.

These people believe and know that what they do has a big impact on the lives of others and makes a huge difference in someone’s life. A strong sense of contribution. That’s what makes them so selfless and powerful. Some people say that’s because they are medical workers, they can easily cultivate a sense of contribution. The truth is that anyone can cultivate this feeling no matter what they do.

How much do you believe you can make a difference in someone's life by doing what you do? Do you know how to gain a sense of contribution through your profession?

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