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Are You A Wonderer?

One of the reasons why you are unmotivated to your work is because you might be a wanderer. ​

Who is a wanderer?

Wonderer is a person who does n’t know what he/she is passionate about, What their hearts gravitate toward, and what they like to do. Because of these reasons, they keep doing the job that they are not passionate about...

The importance of doing the job you love has been increasingly recognized by the society in recent years.

It can be said without any doubt that the famous Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech accelerated this trend.

There was an increase in the number of people who got inspired by this trend and left their job in the pursuit of doing the job they truly care about.

However, in the midst of this trend, the number of wonderers increased also.

People who don’t know what they like to do, who don’t know what they are motivated by professionally. So they keep doing an uninspiring job with the hope of finding what motivates them someday.

The Wanderers.

Even though the effort to find out who you are and what you can be motivated by is not bad, there is one drawback for theses wonderers.


Time flies by when you are looking for what can inspire and motivate you. There are so many wonderers who realize that they haven’t made much progress after spending years on the pursuit of finding what they love.

As you might have imagined, they often feel inferior to those who know exactly what they are passionate about and doing what they love. Because they assume they cannot make progress as much as they do in life.

But the wonders out there, hear me out. There is a way. The question is how?

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